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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Proof that Burbot really exist!

Jim and I had a terrific weekend fishing at Flaming Gorge. The weather was perfect, the water calm and the company friendly. We even caught some fish! Not a lot of fish, just 1 Burbot each during our night fishing expedition and some rainbow trout on Sunday before we came home.

The burbot fishing was kind of disappointing since we only caught 1 fish each when the reports were of fishermen catching coolers full of the ugly creatures. Jim and I followed the instructions we had received from Rob, found the right depth of water and the right structure and had the preferred lures. And we both hooked up with just a few minutes of getting our lines wet, so we thought we had solved the equasion. But the fish weren't cooperating and the huge schools of fish- even though they appeared to be there according to the fishfinder, weren't biting on our jigs. I guess that's why they call it fishing and not catching!

This is my buddy Jim-
Trout, Fish, Utah,Flaming Gorge
This is me at the controls of Fish Slayer
fishing,Flaming Gorge
I told you they were ugly! This is Jim's burbot. His was much bigger than mine.
fishing,Flaming Gorge
The end of my first season of fishing on Fish Slayer.
fishing,Flaming Gorge

This weekend was so much fun we may have to make this an annual trip!

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